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So...How does this work?

To set up a free phone consultation, connect with me through phone, text, email, or use the contact form on the website. I will ask you some questions about what brings you to therapy and answer any questions you may have. If we are a fit, we will set up our first session and go from there.

How do I know if we're a fit?

Choosing a psychotherapist is like choosing a hair stylist – for some anyone will do, while for others there needs to be the right connection. Consider what you want to accomplish in therapy, what you have liked and disliked about previous therapy, and what kind of personality and approach you think you would best connect with - if it's not me, that's okay!

How many sessions do I need? How often should we meet?

While this is something we can discuss, it is ultimately up to you. There are no expectations on how many sessions you should attend, or how frequently you should schedule sessions. Session frequency is unique for everyone based on what brings them to therapy, their goals and hopes for therapy, their schedule and availability, and their financial situation.

With that said, many individuals benefit from weekly or bi-weekly sessions at the beginning of therapy in order to support stabilizing and de-escalating some presenting issues, and to develop therapeutic momentum. Session frequency may then be spread out as needed to continue addressing therapeutic goals.

What can I expect during a session?

Our session time belongs to you! Some people come with specific things they want to discuss, while others want to be guided to heal from trauma, build skills and learn strategies, or set goals for the future. We can work together to set the focus of your sessions.

What if I need to take a break from therapy?

Clients may choose to take a break from therapy, or begin to space out their sessions, based on many factors, including finances, scheduling, having met their goals, or needing to have some time away from intense emotions and process things that have come up in session. This is something that we can discuss together. Clients are welcome to return at their own pace, identify new goals, or end sessions altogether. Existing clients (clients who have had at least one session) can resume sessions at any time by booking in the client portal or reaching out via email, text, or the website to set up a session-returning clients do not have to wait on the wait list.

Will my client portal login expire?

If you experience any trouble with your login, please email or contact me through the website so your login can be reset.