Couples/Family Sessions

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Through a secure online video platform, we will engage in open and honest conversations to de-escalate negative interactive patterns, restructure interactions, and establish new patterns of connection and security, between family members, couples, friends, and even colleagues.
Therapeutic Goals:
  • to develop an understanding and awareness of emotions and the impact associated with the negative interactive patterns;
  • to identify blocks to the relationship that are causing distress;
  • to explore underlying intentions and unmet relational needs; and
  • to increase connection by developing more effective strategies to express relational needs and accept care and support.
Engaging in psychotherapy with important others (e.g. family, partner, etc.) allows the therapeutic process to address the relationship in which the negative interactive patterns (target behaviours) are occurring, rather than work with one individual in isolation and attempt to address the concerns - the context and function of the behaviour is lost if the root of the behaviour is relational.
Note: Couples/Family Therapy may involve meeting with participants individually and/or in various configurations (such as pairs) as needed, to support therapeutic goals.